Don't get a VPS

So you've heard of this amazing new platform called Ghost and want to try it out. Since shared hosters often don't support Node.js you should get yourself a shiny new VPS, right?


Unless you really know how to set up and manage a VPS you should search for alternatives. A VPS is a very powerful piece of hardware that is connected to 100Mbit/s and sometimes even 1Gbit/s broadband cables. Amazing right? Well yeah, unless you don't know how to secure your server and a hacker gains access and uses your VPS to do $stuff.

You wouldn't start learning how to drive in a Ferrari, would you? You take small steps to get there. With the freedom of having a VPS comes a lot of responsibility too.

Secure my server? I have a tutorial for that..

One thing I can tell you after having managed servers for the last 8 years: There's no tutorial that will help you to cover everything when securing your server.

So how do I get started?

Go for a hosted version of Ghost first - there are several hosters that have specialised on Ghost like, Ghost(Pro) and Ghostify.

If you insist to use a VPS please at least try to deploy Ghost and any other software at home first. The Raspberry Pi is an incredibly cheap and easy way to learn how to manage Linux servers and can teach you a lot.

Solms, Germany