Hostghost opens up

With the release of the first Ghost version several new specialized hosting platforms popped up. One of those platforms, HostGhost, which is currently in Beta just sent me an invite.

HostGhost Logo

HostGhost is run by FYSY, a company based in London, UK and offers relatively cheap hosting of Ghost for early adopters. The price for beta users is fixed for lifetime at £3.99/month.

Our Commitment to You: We will not increase the price as long as you are a subscriber. Although Host Ghost pricing may rise in the future you have £3.99 locked in for the life of your subscription.

After getting the beta invite you are being directed to a website where you can sign up and reserve a * subdomain for your blog. Payment can be handled via a PayPal subscription or via credit card. At a later stage you will also be able to use your own domain name on your HostGhost blog.

Fully custom domain names will be available shortly, this is to get you started sooner! : )

The registration and subscription process is pretty easy. After choosing a subdomain and subscribing you will see a message that your blog is being set up and you will be notified once its ready. An automatic deployement system doesn't seem to be in place yet. Just five minutes later my blog was ready and is not live at Neovolution.

Since Ghost was just recently released you should not expect too much from the platform. HostGhost promises to update Ghost as soon as there is a new (developer) release available.

When using HostGhost remember that the service is currently in Beta and just open up its doors! Enjoy the early access to the platform and the hassle-free setup they provide for you!

Note: HostGhost/FYSY is an independant company and not connected to the Ghost Foundation.

Solms, Germany